Very polite and accepting receptionist. Very good light and no smell. Audiologist was great, polite, gentle, very good like the receptionist explaining each and every aspect and assisting in placing my aides in abs how they work. He also provided troubleshooting examples. Excellent!
patrick farnan, on Google
I wish I would have done this years ago. When I was growing up we did not know about hearing protection. Many years of shooting guns, racing cars and motorcycles and listening to loud music Tore my ears up. A few months ago I bought the best hearing aids, they were expensive and I would have paid double the cost if I had known the outcome. I got my hearing aids on a Friday and went into my woods on Saturday with my dog. It was like over sensory! I was hearing sounds that I have not heard in years! I bought the top of the line and glad I did! To hear again is awesome.
ralph campbell, on Google
Everyone is very nice at the Barry Road office and efficient. Picked up my hearing aids with no problems. App was loaded to my phone. Eveything was explained well and I was comfortable with them when I left. Could not have went smoother.
Kirby H, on Google
Both employees were very nice, professional and had lots of patience dealing with my Insurance Company. I’d definitely recommend Audibel Hearing Center to my friends and family.
Karon Smith, on Google
Always polite. I love my hearing aids. Audiologist very good at explaining The Aid..I'm very happy that I can Now hear clearly.
Barbara Bongino, on Google

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